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Long Canyon Phase II & III

Congratulations to the new Phase II & III HOA Board Members
Published on: 8/25/2019
Congratulations to the Phase II & III HOA Board of Directors members: Ronda Foster, Jesse Wilson and Keely Shaefer who were elected at the Annual Meeting on August 21.

The complete Phase II & III HOA Board is now composed of:
Ronda Foster, Brian Pitman, Carol Torgrimson, Stewart Finnessey, Jesse Wilson, Ned Gamble and Keely Schaefer.


Coyote Encounters along Maurys Trail in Long Canyon
Published on: 8/19/2019
A very bold small coyote has been regularly sighted on flat section of Maurys Trail. It will move off slowly when yelled at but is way to fearless of humans. We are working with the City of Austin to see about getting it captured. If you see it please call 311. If it is laying down in your yard do not approach - call 311. Also be sure that you are not leaving out any food that may be attracting it. Will post more information when available.
We are live at
Published on: 2/14/2019
The new website is operational and can now be reached using An initial set of users have been activated and have received their invitation letters with their login information. We will be rolling this out to the remainder of the Long Canyon residents over the next few days.
Long Canyon New Website
Published on: 1/18/2019
Long Canyon HOAs are proud to announce our new website