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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Long Canyon?

The Long Canyon neighborhood is located in Travis County, Texas, about 10 miles northwest of downtown Austin, off of RM 2222 (at Bell Mountain Drive), between FM 620 and North Highway 360.

Who or What is the HOA?

HOA stands for Homeowner Association. Long Canyon is organized into two independent Homeowner Associations: Phase I and Phase II/III. We have a common entrance at Bell Mountain and share many resources and social events.


Each HOA has its own independently organized Board of Directors, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCRs), and Architectural Control Committee (ACC). The two sets of DCCRs and ACC Rules/Guidelines are very similar in many respects, but independent of each other and can be changed by the affected HOA.


All lot owners become members of their respective HOA by virtue of purchasing a lot. Membership is not optional and brings with it requirements stipulated by their DCCRs as well as State law.

Angel Pass and Park 22 are two relatively small, separate neighborhoods that also use the entrance at Bell Mountain. They are not a part of Long Canyon. The lots within those two subdivisions are not governed by either Long Canyon HOA, but their residents participate in some shared activities and voluntarily provide the HOAs with a small annual contribution to offset the proportionate costs of those shared activities and common-area maintenance.

All Long Canyon HOA Board and committee members are volunteers who live in Long Canyon. Board members are elected by each HOA’s membership to two-year terms.  When a homeowner/resident volunteers to serve as a Board or committee member, Board members do a happy dance!

What do the HOA Boards and committee members do?

The Boards and committees are responsible for:

  • Upkeep of the front entrance and other common areas
  • Managing each HOA’s corporate affairs:
    • Enforcement of the DCCRs, Bylaws and ACC Rules
    • Monthly, special and annual meetings
    • Communicating with residents, including management of the Long Canyon website
    • Maintaining adequate insurance
    • Paying property and income taxes
    • Representing Long Canyon interests in local affairs (including interfacing with the City of Austin, Travis County and existing and proposed neighborhood developments)
    • Responding to homeowner concerns
  • Trail maintenance
  • Planning and implementing neighborhood gatherings
    • Annual Long Canyon Fall Festival and BBQ
    • July 4 Parade and Brunch
  • Firewise and Neighborhood Watch

The primary responsibility of each HOA’s Board and ACC is enforcement of the HOA’s Rules and Guidelines. These Rules and Guidelines exist to protect homeowner values. Please note that actions that result in a change to the external appearance of any building, as well as significant landscaping changes require ACC approval.  A construction deposit will be collected at the start of the project and returned at the completion of the project, after demonstration of conformance to applicable rules. The deposit amount is based on the size of the project.

I am interested in remodeling or re-landscaping in the near future. What approvals will I need?

The respective ACC for your area HOA must review your plans for compliance with your ACC Rules and grant approvals prior to any work being done. ANYTHING that changes the exterior appearance of any building on your lot, or makes significant changes to your landscaping must be submitted for approval, including: new rooms, significant landscaping, a new type or color of roofing materials or house paint, solar panels, fences, pools and pool equipment, installed recreation equipment (as in, for example, sports courts or playscapes if they will be visible from a neighboring property or street), antennas if visible from the street or a neighbor’s property, etc.  If you are interested in building, remodeling or modifying, please first check your ACC Rules and consult with your ACC Chair.  Note that Long Canyon is subject to City of Austin code (including development code), since Long Canyon is in the City’s extra-territorial jurisdiction.

What is on the private part of the website (

Joint website private to Long Canyon HOA members:

  • The neighborhood Directory
  • The event calendar
  • Neighborhood maps
  • Board and committee points of contact
  • Neighborhood news and discussion threads
  • Notices (of upcoming events and meetings, lost pets, suspicious activity, etc.)

Each HOA’s private sections:

  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Budgets and financial reports
  • Refinance/Resale transaction records
  • Other “corporate” documents

Who provides utilities & services to Long Canyon?


  • Call 911 for any and all emergencies.
  • Call 311 for non-emergencies and information.

We are served by the Travis County Sheriff Department. You will occasionally see them patrolling.


Austin Energy

(512) 494-9400


Austin Water Utility

(512) 494-9400


Travis Co. Sheriff

(512) 854-9770


Austin Fire Department

(512) 832-8389

Mail Post Office

Chimney Corners Station

(512) 345-9739

Travis County:



Animal Control


(512) 974-2000

Road Maintenance & Dead Animal Removal


(512) 854-9433

(Wildlife, not pets)

Trash & Recycling:



Texas Disposal


(512) 421-1340 collects trash and recyclables on Tuesday mornings.

Waste Management


(512) 272-4341 collects trash but does not collect recyclables.




Spectrum (formerly Time Warner)


(512)-485-5555 High speed internet, cable TV, Telephone



(800)-288-2020 Phone, DSL Internet. U-verse and DirectTV.

What schools serve Long Canyon?

Long Canyon includes both Austin & Leander School districts.  While there are exceptions, Phase I, Park 22, and Angel Pass are zoned to AISD, and Phase II/III to Leander ISD.

  • AISD Schools: Highland Park Elementary, Lamar Middle School, McCallum High School
  • Leander Schools: River Place Elementary, Four Points Middle School, Vandegrift High School

What is the Long Canyon Watering Schedule?

Long Canyon’s water is provided by the Austin Water Utility. Property owners are legally required to adhere to watering schedules when issued by AWU to help protect our water supply. For full details, please see the City’s currently applicable watering schedule.

Please adhere to the current schedule.  During drought conditions, the City requires and enforces more stringent lawn-watering requirements that all must follow.  If you spot a residential sprinkler activated at incorrect times, on incorrect days, or creating run-off, please call 311 and the City of Austin will send a representative to help the household become compliant.