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Phase II & III Governing Documents Overview

The documents accessible below are those that the HOA is required to provide in the public domain. They should be used by prospective homeowners to review HOA governance and property owner obligations and rights before purchase, and by title company agents to prepare the requisite set of materials to be furnished to the purchasers at the time of real-estate closing. These documents are considered to be public information.  Note that these documents pertain only to the property within and the HOA for Long Canyon Phases II & III.  

The individual public domain governing documents can be access via the links on the left of 
the full set of documents can be seen at:  Governing Documents - Public

Detailed description of these documents is given below.

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCRs)

The DCCRs essentially characterizes the relationship between the HOA and its property-owning members and describes the duties and obligations of both the homeowner and HOA officials. It constitutes the ultimate authority for HOA governance.   It is intended to be an enduring document and can only be changed by affirmative vote of at least 66% of the entire HOA membership, a rather high bar. Long Canyon Phase II and Long Canyon Phase III previously had their own HOAs that have now been legally merged, but separate DCCRs for each phase continue to exist, although they are virtually identical.  

Articles of Incorporation

The HOA is a registered non-profit corporation with the State of Texas. The Articles authorizes its formation and existence as a corporate entity by the Texas Secretary of State and defines generally the geographic extent and scope of its corporate “business” and powers.   

Bylaws of the HOA

The Bylaws describes how the HOA as a corporate entity is structured and operates, incorporating statutory requirements on HOAs in Texas and including the powers and duties of various officers and committees as well as authorized processes for enforcement of HOA rules and regulations.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Rules

The set of ACC Rules contained on this webpage provides homeowners and the ACC itself with implementing guidance and current specifications regarding meeting the requirements in the DCCRs and/or Bylaws. The ACC Rules may provide more specificity as to requirements.